Contrasting images of the natural world

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Two images of 'nature' have caught my eye this last few weeks.  The first was a pic of tigers incarcerated at ZSL (London Zoo, that was) opening their christmas presents.  That is, tearing the Christmas wrapping paper off large cardboard boxes.  Just a bit of fun for the warders, I guess, but the anthropomorphic vacuity in this is such that there is really no need for further comment.

The second was a moving image.  Walking uphill on an absolutely silent Salisbury Plain towards the setting sun showed the land covered with long iridescent shimmering threads of spider silk as far as you could see.  They stretched from tussock to tussock, and bush to bush; such quiet natural industry.  There were no birds, no bangs, no traffic noise, no helicopters, just the silent silk.

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