Ofsted's curriculum enquiry

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I have heard back from Ofsted's Seam Hartford about its forthcoming curriculum review, and about whether the public could take part.  His letter said:

"The current phase of this work is focused on gathering evidence about the curriculum on the ground.  We are conducting visits around the country to build our understanding of what is happening in primary and secondary schools, and colleges.  We are drawing on research evidence and expertise to help us frame this work.  At this stage, however, our questions are for schools, rather than the public.  This is why we are not yet inviting comment through our website.  Once we have evidence to share, we will be publishing it and inviting comment from anyone who is interested in this area of work."

No timescale was suggested, and so those "interested" will just have to keep looking at the website.  It's worth reminding ourselves that it's not just a question of being interested in the curiosity sense, as we all have an interest, ie, a stake, in what is taught (and not taught) and why.  I suppose I am a bit surprised that special visits have to be made to "build understanding" of curriculum, but I guess that's a reflection of what a neglected area it all is these days.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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