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I've written about UKSSD before when I wondered about why there were so few educational members.  They are in the news again and here's a question: How many of these significant people have you heard of:

  • Dominic White - Head of International Policy, WWF-UK
  • Farooq Ullah - Director, Stakeholder Forum
  • Emily Auckland - Bioregional
  • Francesca Sharp - Sustainability Manager, ICAEW
  • Nick Davies - Founder, Neighbourly
  • Steve Kenzie - Executive Director, UN Global Compact UK Network
  • Louise Scott – Director Global Sustainability, PwC
  • Prof. Steve Martin – English Learning for Sustainability Alliance
  • Jason Perks – Director Sustainability UK, DNVGL
  • Dr Wanda Wyporska – Executive Director, The Equality Trust
  • Amanda Powell-Smith – Chief Executive, Forster Communications
  • Colin Curtis – Strategy Director, TBL Services

They are the new steering group of UKSSD, which as you know,

"creates a space to mobilise people, communities and organisations in the UK so they can play their part to create decent work in a prosperous economy and a fair and just society – all within the Earth’s limits."

How did you do?  I managed out of 12.  Not too bad ... .

You might ask yourself the same question about the 38 partners.  I managed to recognise 13.  Clearly, I should get out more, but let me ask again, where's the TUC?  Where's the CBI?  Where's UUK?  Where's the NUT?  Where's John Lewis?  Where's the Co-op.  Even, where's Aldersgate?  It's a puzzle as to who UKSSD represents.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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