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LEAF [ Linking Environment And Farming ] recently merged with (that is, acquired) FACE [ Farming And Countryside Education ], although you'd not know this from a look at the front pages of its website, or at the board of directors, none of whom has an education background (although one is a primary school governor).  And try putting FACE into their website's search field to see really how Faceless LEAF has become.

FACE does get a passing reference in the 5 year strategy, although only because of the acquisition.  That said, the strategy does say this:

"Leading a collaborative approach within the industry for better public engagement and education among consumers, children and young people"

and, under Building public respect for farming, LEAF says:

"We will drive a confident, yet visionary approach to build farming’s respect, trust and understanding among consumers, children and young people.  Working with others, we will continue to develop strong strategic alliances within the farming and education sectors building on our inspiring education and public engagement activities.  These include LEAF Open Farm Sunday, LEAF Open Farm School Days, Countryside Classroom, Speak Out, LEAF Virtual Farm Walk, Schools' Resources, and inspiring projects.  We will also identify novel and effective techniques to improve public understanding and trust in food, farming and the environment."

It's clear from this that, although FACE seems to have vanished, not all its activities have.  Whether they will be quite the same (or rather more corporate) remains to be seen.  I hope LEAF understands that building public respect for anything requires an educational approach, and not just a communications effort.  As NAEE notes today, there's a chance in September to see how all this is working out.

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