A farewell to the ENSI

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After "more than thirty years of successful collaboration with various partners from all over", the ENSI network is closing down.  The ENSI Board said that owing to the decreasing number of full member countries and the consequent lack of resources it is no longer feasible to carry on. The board decided at its AGM in Vienna to close down its secretariat by the end of June, 2018.  All formal memberships of ENSI end also by this date.  ENSI’s homepage and the access to all documents is ensured after the closure of the secretariat.  The Board said:

We would like to thank you for all your long-time commitment and very valuable contributions to ENSI’s achievements. We, the ENSI board and the ENSI community, look back on successful ENSI life of 30 years. We are especially proud of the following qualities of ENSI:

  • ENSI was based on open dialog and mutual exchange among ENSI partners from research, administration, teacher education and schools.
  • The network was based on high commitment and successful and fruitful cooperation
  • ENSI’s name is standing for expertise, personal and professional engagement in EE and ESD

All this is called ‘the ENSI’s spirit’.  We encourage you to continue to work and communicate in this spirit also in the  future.  That is why we share with you our plan for ENSI in the coming months: We would like to compile an overview about ENSI’s experiences and the developments of themes – which evolved along the dominant themes in politics and school development.

A final ENSI publication is planned, dedicated to the community of and EE, to teachers and teacher trainers, to ENSI-friends and observers.  The working title is: “From EE to the SDGs – 30 years of ENSI – reflective papers”

You'll find the history of ENSI here, along with some of its publications.  I can remember the time it was really influential, but the only surprising thing about its demise, I think, is why it took so long.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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