Posted in: Comment, News and Updates is a campaign that has been developed by GEEP – the Global Environmental Education Partnership – which, you'll remember I am involved with.  Although I've not been going to meetings lately, I've done a fair bit of textual scrutiny.

GEEP has issued a call for action which you'll find here.  This sets out 10 draft actions for the future, "crafted with input from GEEP leaders from around the world ... and feature top priorities for the next decade in environmental education".

The actions are:

  1. Become an Advocate for Environmental Education
  2. Build a Bigger, More Inclusive Field
  3. Promote Environmental Education's Role in Advancing Civic Engagement
  4. Build and Sustain Global EE Leadership
  5. Invest in Research to Continuously Inform and Improve Practice
  6. Deepen and Expand Collaboration and Networking
  7. Expand Environmental Education's Role in Achieving Conservation Success
  8. Provide Universal Access to Environmental Education and Nature
  9. Strengthen Environmental Education's Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
  10. Develop a Global Fund for Environmental Education

GEEP asks: "Which actions do you believe are most important? What's missing? Cast your vote for your top three priorities and let us know what you think.Your input will shape our action plan for the next 10 years.  Together, we can use the power of environmental education to create the world we want."

You can vote here.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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