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As I scrolled down the front page of I was startled to come across 4 audio clips of me talking about the Tbilisi declaration – and then I remembered being interviewed one afternoon about it all.  I had quite forgotten.

It's a page devoted to the recommendations which says:

The Final Report from Tbilisi published by UNESCO and UNEP includes a declaration and series of recommendations that guided the development of the field of environmental education around the world. We now take a closer look at Recommendation Two, which articulates the goals, objectives, and guiding principles of EE, with audio commentary by University of Bath Emeritus Professor Bill Scott.

There are 5 audio files:

Introduction / Goals of EE / Objectives of EE / Guiding principles of EE / Why Tbilisi matters

Only a personal view, of course, and there are other views further down the page.  There are clouds of "Errs" and "Ums" in my audio tracks; but whether, obliquely and by inferenceillumination comes, is up to you to decide.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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