Border Crossings

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Have you ever wondered how interesting other conference might be?  That is, conferences whose subject has nothing to do with your own academic interests or expertise.  Take, for example, the International Conference of Dress Historians which meets in London at the end of the month.  Don't these papers sound not only interesting, but also more interesting that some of the stuff you have to sit through at your usual events:

‘She Was Naught...of a Woman except in Sex’: The Cross–Dressing of Queen Christina of Sweden, 1626–1689

Not a Pistol in His Pocket: Eldridge Cleaver’s Post-Revolutionary Trousers, 1976-1980

Challenging Gendering: Three Centuries of British Children’s Clothing

Sartorial Assimilation: A Case Study of the Vestiary Cross–Cultural Adaption of First–Generation Ethnic Chinese Women who Migrated to Britain from Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia during 1966–1983

Fashioning Colonial Masculinity: The Male Suit as a Cross–Cultural Dress in British–Ruled Palestine

Beyond Gender: Latex Fashion Design and Subcultural Style in the 1980s

Non Binary Dress: A Look at Fashion and Identity along the Gender Spectrum

Of course, I'm only going by the titles, but most of these seem constructed to appeal.  What a pity I can't go ...

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