Missing Naomi

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Sadly, I missed the ubiquitous Ms Klein when she jetted into Brighton the other week, but, happily, YouTube was there to capture her address to the faithful, most of whom appeared to lap it up: solidarity for and with all it seems – apart from / with / for those with capital.  But do you think the grey, unsmiling men (and they are all men) who are the puppet-masters to this revolution, and who prefer the shadows to the light, are really interested in this stuff?   For them, I wonder, isn’t she just another useful idiot?

I forced myself to watch it all in its gruesomeness as she told the faithful over and over again how wonderful they were.  Oh, how they whooped and hollowed as she stroked their egos and tickled their considerable bellies.  It was skilled, even though some of the rhetoric was beyond me; for example, "the era of triangulation and tinkering is over".  Not everyone in the room was impressed and many sat on their hands as she laughed endlessly at her own poor jokes, too many of which inevitably were anti-US.

It wasn't all tosh, of course, but neither was it coherent.  Just how the economies of the global south are to improve the lot of their citizens if it's the duty of the global north to welcome migrants and refugees she was unwilling to explain.

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