At last, a national plan

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No, not for Brexit or the NHS / social care or a federal constitution (though all need one), but for the SDGs.  UKSSD has jumped into the void.  It says:

"Two years after the Sustainable Development Goals were agreed, the UK still doesn’t have a compelling, coherent or transparent plan for how it is going to achieve them. We think this is wrong.  Without a plan, how can we ensure we build a fair, just and sustainable UK?  Without a plan, how are we going to achieve the SDGs by 2030?   With your help, we will create the first stakeholder-led national plan for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK. Together the UKSSD network will present it to the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July 2018 at a dedicate launch event. We need to get to work now to meet the July deadline."

We invite you to lead or sponsor a chapter of our national plan for the SDGs.  Each chapter of the plan will be dedicated to an SDG Goal. We will draw on our collective knowledge and expertise to illustrate the UK’s performance against the targets, the opportunities they present, and the challenges we will need to address to achieve them.  We will provide stakeholders from all sectors with a greater understanding of their role and call on the Government to proactively work with us to put in place the actions needed to achieve the SDGs.

In getting involved, it seems that we can ...

  • Sponsor a chapter – As a chapter sponsor you will be publicly acknowledged for your contribution to the plan, credited with your logo in the report and be supported to communicate your leadership to your own network.
  • Register as a contributor or provide some support – If you would like to be involved during the peer review phase register as a contributor here. We are also looking for media partners, communications and administration support, research support, and help with design and publishing.

Well, it will be good to watch this emerge; in particular, seeing that the SDGs can only be meaningfully addressed when viewed in their relationship with each other, it will be instructive to see how that is managed.  I understand that the Goal 4 (education) chapter now has a lead author but that this has led to considerable angst from opinion-formers across the land who missed the application deadline and hence the opportunity to promote their own organisations in the plan.

I've signed up as a critical friend, so more later ...

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