An SDG teach-in to look forward to

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NUS is holding an Sustainable Development Goals [SDG] Teach-in, asking academics in UK universities and colleges ...

"to pledge to include the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their teaching, learning, and assessment during the week of 19 to 23 February 2018",  adding ...

"The 17 ‘Global Goals’ set out targets to end poverty, protect the planet, and achieve prosperity for all by 2030.  The SDG teach-in will help raise awareness of why the SDGs should be at the heart of further and higher education across all disciplines, and catalyse the change needed to make this happen."

Robbie Young, NUS Vice President for Society and Citizenship said:

“Despite the growing pressure from students and young people around the globe, our institutions and governments are not leading on sustainability in the ways we wish they would ... We need our educators to be bringing sustainability into every course, at every college and university across the UK.  We need a generation of future leaders who are ready to tackle the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges.”

Whilst it's good to see this taking place, it's a bit dispiriting that it's still necessary.  Never mind, just think how much model-obsessed economists are going to enjoy it.

One bright spot in this campaign is that NUS has managed to promote it without mentioning ESD.  It's usually a cheerleader for ESD (and wins prizes for it – ESD, that is, not cheerleading); maybe it's learning at last ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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