Sustainability and HE in Plymouth

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January 11th sees Plymouth's annual Sustainability in HE conference.  Will you be there?

It's their usual mix of posters, presentations, keynotes, networking and lunch.  The first keynote asks: If education is the answer, what's the question?  Of course, education isn't the answer.  It's one of a range of potentially integratable social strategies that aim to nurture a viable and valued future both here and elsewhere.  More on that later on, perhaps.

The posters are mostly from Plymouth.  The presentations, from academics and others, represent:

Anglia Ruskin [2] – Bristol – Canterbury Christ Church [6] – Exeter – Keele [2] – Laval – Middlesex – Nottingham Trent – NUS [2] – Plymouth [7] – UBC – UWE [2] – Vechta – Western Michigan – Worcester [2]

A welcome development here is the non-British attendance, both from the continent and north America.  A less welcome development – well non-development – is that all the others are from those institutions that usually pitch up.  Little evidence, then, of an interest in sustainability spreading across British universities.  Mind you, it is a long way to Plymouth ...

Quite encouragingly, when you add it all up (posters + presentations + keynotes) there are but 2 mentions of ESD (out of 50 event titles) – one by the NUS, and one by German academics.  Someone really should tell UNESCO ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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