A Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition

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This, as you probably know, is not Mr Gove's latest plan to square the post-Brexit farming–environment circle.  Rather, it's the name of France's energy / environment ministry which is now located in an 18th century mansion close to the Elysée Palace.

It's easy to scoff – Wikipedia has the history of title changes of this ministry – and France also has a Ministry for Solidarity and Health, but there is something in the combination of words: Ecological and Inclusive Transition that is key to understanding sustainability; something about the umbilical link between people and nature, and between people in nature, and people as part of nature.  I hope this embodiment finds its way from the title to the ministry's actual practice.  I note, however, that there's a separate ministry of agriculture and food which, I guess, must be 100% focused on keeping the CAP focused on French interests.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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  • A small, if token, step forward towards joined-up thinking in our fragmented view of the world as an arena for competition (humans v nature; nation v nation; ministry v ministry; business v business; private v public). Davic C Korten offers a 'new story' for a joined up worldview to replace the almost universal 'Sacred Money and Markets' story. His book "Change the Story; Change the Future" is a challenging spin off from the Club of Rome joined-up contribution to future-oriented projections.