Re-Questing for Holism

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I see that one of my papers (with Andrew Stables): The Quest for Holism in Education for Sustainable Development is being included in: Environmental and Sustainability Education Policy: International Trends, Priorities and Challenges, edited by Katrien Van Poeck, Jonas A. Lysgaard, and Alan Reid, and published by Routledge.

The blurb begins:

"This timely collection surveys and critiques studies of environmental and sustainability education (ESE) policy since the mid-1990s. The volume draws on a wide range of policy studies and syntheses to provide readers with insights into the international genealogy and priorities of ESE policy.  Editors and contributors call for renewed attention to the possibilities for future directions in light of previously published work and innovations in scholarship.  They also offer critical commentary on the evolution of research trends, approaches and findings. ...`'

As ever, it's nice to have made the cut.  The full set of past papers is:

1. The roots and routes of environmental and sustainability education policy research    Jonas A. Lysgaard, Alan Reid and Katrien Van Poeck

2. A Case Study of Dilemmas and Tensions: the writing and consultation process involved in developing a national guideline document for environmental education    Barry Law and Robyn Baker

3. Science: an unreliable friend to environmental education?    Martin Ashley

4. On the need to repoliticise environmental and sustainability education: rethinking the postpolitical consensus    Louise Sund and Johan Öhman

5. Education policy mobility: reimagining sustainability in neoliberal times    Marcia McKenzie, Andrew Bieler and Rebecca McNeil

6. The Quest for Holism in Education for Sustainable Development    Andrew Stables and William Scott

7. Tensions and transitions in policy discourse: recontextualizing a decontextualized EE/ESD debate    Robert B. Stevenson

8. Unsettling orthodoxies: education for the environment/for sustainability    Jo-Anne Ferreira

9. Education for sustainable development (ESD): the turn away from ‘environment’ in environmental education?    Helen Kopnina

10. Environmental Literacy: functional, cultural, critical. The case of the SCAA guidelines    Andrew Stables

11. Education for Sustainable Development, governmentality and Learning to Last    John Blewitt

12. The action competence approach and the ‘new’ discourses of education for sustainable development, competence and quality criteria    Finn Mogensen and Karsten Schnack

13. Pluralism in practice – experiences from Swedish evaluation, school development and research    Karin Rudsberg and Johan Öhman

14. Environmental education policy research – challenges and ways research might cope with them    Jeppe Læssøe, Noah Weeth Feinstein and Nicole Blum

15. Taking stock of the UN Decade of education for sustainable development: the policy-making process in Flanders    Katrien Van Poeck, Joke Vandenabeele and Hans Bruyninckx

16. Globalisation and education for sustainable development: exploring the global in motion    Stefan L. Bengtsson and Leif O. Östman

17. Environmental and sustainability education policy research: a systematic review of methodological and thematic trends    Kathleen Aikens, Marcia McKenzie and Philip Vaughter

As it happens, The Quest for Holism is one of my most cited papers, though not amongst the few I'd most prefer to be most cited.

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