The 25 YEEP?

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I wrote about the 25 Year Environment Plan – aka the 25 YEP – the other day, wondering whether there was within it – buried or otherwise – a 25 year environmental education plan, which I see is already being referred to as the 25 YEEP.

Well, as I've already noted, there are quite a lot of references to young people and schools, and even one mention of curriculum (in the scheme of work sense).  The Times highlighted this in its initial coverage:

Establish a £10 million nature-friendly schools programme to allow pupils to plant gardens, tend vegetable patches and set up bird feeders.

The plan also says this:

The new science and geography curriculum and qualifications encourage pupils to undertake fieldwork as part of their course of study.

Again, this is helpful, although 'encourage' is weak-kneed, and wasn't fieldwork once widespread?  Clearly, all this will lead to a lot of useful learning, but it is a pale imitation of the sort of environmental education that's needed if we are to face up to and deal with the myriad of issues that are captured by the sustainable development goals.  I see that these are similar points to those made by Justin Dillon the other day on the NAEE blog.

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