Re-wilder dreams take a knock

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The Prince of Wales' website has a feature on HRH's March 26th trip to unveil a plaque on the shore of Derwentwater marking the [newish] UNESCO cultural world heritage site – the Lake District.  Details here.

It includes this:

"There are three themes that underpin the Lake District World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape of international significance. These are

  • identity - the dramatic farmed landscape;
  • inspiration - art, literature and love of the place;
  • conservation - people fought for and continue to look after this special corner of England."

Sheep 1 – Re-wilders (RSPB) 0

To rub the message home, HRH then visited the National Centre for the Uplands at Newton Rigg College in Penrith.  This is, we're told, a "a state-of-the-art sheep husbandry centre that is helping to safeguard the future of hill farming across the country".

Sheep and Farmers 2 – Re-wilders (RSPB, Monbiot) 0

After an obligatory trip on an Ullswater steamer, HRH's day finished with a visit to a Kendal paper manufacturer that turns takeaway coffee-cups into paper and packaging.  Here, he joined a roundtable discussion with business leaders and stakeholders associated with the industry.  Was the RSPB invited to any of this, I wonder?

For a more balanced take on the issues, see this.

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