Jonathon Porritt at Bath

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Jonothon Porritt will be giving an I-SEE seminar at Bath on ‘Exploring the Psychodrama of Accelerating Climate Change’ on April 10th – tomorrow.  Details here.

Here's his Abstract:

The evidence about climate change keeps on getting worse – confirmed both by ever more extreme weather events and by steadily worsening trends in key ecosystems. Both scientists and campaigners are acutely aware of the dilemma this poses: tell it as it is, in all its unvarnished and discomfiting reality, and risk alienating or even disempowering people; or fudge it, in the hope of making it easier for people to start getting much more involved. How can we maintain a balance between hope and despair in these contested times, and what are our obligations to young people in addressing these political and psychological dilemmas?

I'll look forward to seeing you there ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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