The COP test

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I've written before about the tendency of NGO-type organisations with a social justice remit to downplay environmental issues in what they do.  This is, to a degree, understandable; after all, they are interested in combatting discrimination, liberating women and girls, eliminating poverty, installing sanitation, etc, rather than acting to prevent species and biodiversity loss, or, say, the acidification of the oceans.

But they have all signed up to supporting the realisation of the SDGs and, as these 17 goals are indivisible, such organisations ought to be at least a little bit interested in maintaining natural capital levels and other environmental facets of sustainability.

So, here's a simple conference of the parties [ COP ] test to see if they are.  That is, type in

CITES  – Ozone – Permafrost

... to their search engines to see what crops up.  The contention is that all these terms would be likely to be found on a website of organisations that took environmental issues seriously.  See what you think.  Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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