Is global learning secure with the British Council

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I hear from those who attended an Inclusive Global Learning conference on 11th May, that DfID has handed responsibility for the UK's global learning programme [GLP] to the British Council.  Details are scarce, and there seems to be nothing on-line.  This is what a PP slide said:

"Connecting Classrooms and the GLP will be joined up to form a new programme, Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning.  Co-funded by British Council, and delivered by them with procured delivery partners.  We will communicate to schools and stakeholders as soon as we know more!"

It's significant that both the GLP and Connecting Classrooms were both (separately) commented on positively in the recent UKSSD (no link as yet) comment on the SDGs in the UK, but their combination is an unknown quantity, and you have to worry about whether DfID's enthusiasm for the UK schools GLP will be fully taken on by the Council with all its other preoccupations.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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