Sheep 0 – 1 Friends of rank grasses

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I see that James Rebanks [note 1] has been hounded [note 2], by the Friends of Rank Grasses [FRG] masquerading as conservationists, off a Govian panel reviewing the future of the national parks.

The Times said:

"Mr Rebanks said that while his relationship with the main conservationist groups was good, he was targeted by “extreme environmentalists” who argue that a farmer has no place on a national parks review. His appointment had prompted criticism from several bodies that the farming interest was over-represented. A Defra spokesman said that the views of farmers were “vitally important” to the review."

Indeed, but this is not a view shared by the FRG who see a future without sheep, shepherds, mutton and lamb.  But they do love a good bracken ...


  1. For the sake of openness, pellucidity, transparency, etc, I should say that my late mother-in-law's late sister-in-law (ie, my wife's aunt) was a Rebanks.  This matters in Cumbria.
  2. One of my better puns this year, but perhaps better appreciated in Cumbria than in Wiltshire where, as you know, I am now safely quartered.

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