Blowing bubbles with Mrs M

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I’ve done lots of enjoyable things these last few days, but by far the most fulfilling was blowing bubbles with my granddaughter and Mrs M.  The Chancellor was only with us in spirit but we launched a joyous stream of bubbles in her direction in solidarity.  She was, of course, super busy keeping an eye on the traffic lights and ensuring that Brexit maximises the benefits to German industry (which seem to be our aim as well), but I know she'd have felt the love.

The key to successful bubble blowing is prior visualisation.  We had spent the previous day working our way repeatedly through the steps without doing it: fixing a careful coating of imaginary liquid, getting the correct lip shape, ensuring a steady stream of air, all the way to watching pretend bubbles head east on the non-existent wind to Berlin ... .

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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