For the love of the Earth

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I was reminded a few days ago of a John Race poem, Gaia, which I first read more than 10 years ago.  What follows is from memory and may not be quite as Race wrote it as I've lost sight of the source (and I've no permission to re-write it here).  But ...


I’ve no doctrinal preference for Green.

I don’t love dolphins any more than rats,

Though I’m offended by large block of flats,

And troubled by the stink of kerosene.

And as to whether I should intervene …

I hold no brief for rare, endangered cats;

As far as I’m concerned, let horseshoe bats

Follow the creatures of the Eocene.

Having said that, I’m fond of modern man,

Enthusiastic agent of my plan

For him to self-destruct and leave the Earth

As harmonious, as at its birth.

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