New Thinking in Sustainability and EE

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NAAEE is hosting a webinar on New Thinking in Sustainability and EE in which Marc Stern and I are introducing our respective books – although it would have been more instructive, perhaps, had we been invited to introduce each other's books; much more work though.  It takes off on July 24, 1500 Eastern Time and will last for an hour.  This describes Marc's book:

Social Science Theory for Environmental Sustainability

Social-ecological challenges call for a far better integration of the social sciences into conservation training and practice.  Environmental problems are, first and foremost, people problems.  Without better understandings of the people involved, solutions are often hard to come by, regardless of expertise in biology, ecology, or other traditional conservation sciences.  This novel book provides an accessible survey of a broad range of theories widely applicable to environmental problems that students and practitioners can apply to their work.  It serves as a simple reference guide to illuminate the value and utility of social science theories for the practice of environmental conservation.  As part of the Techniques in Ecology and Conservation Series, it will be a vital resource for conservation scientists, students, and practitioners to better navigate the social complexities of applying their work to real-world problem-solving.  More detail here.

See you there, maybe.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, News and Updates


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