Bildung und Bavaria

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I'm with Mrs M for a few days, firstly in Bavaria and thence on the Rhine.  I don't expect to see much of her as she is busy sorting a bit of a language problem [*].  However, as she's omnipresent, she'll be with me one way or another.

I'll be putting one of my modern German proverbs to the test:

You're never far from Bildung (which the Bill Gates software I'm using wants to re-write as 'buildings'), but you're always closer to beer. [**] Sadly, in Munich, it will be German, rather than Czech, but ... .....................................

  • * It's a blessing for Mrs M that she's a mere Dr and not a professor.  Otherwise, she'd torn between being using Professor / Professorin / Professor*in / Professor-in / ProfessorIn / Professorinnen / Professoresses.  I kid you not.  Not even the most woke of wokishly militant vegan professors in England are bothered by this.  Like the rest of us, they're just grateful to be called 'prof' .


  • ** This reminds me of that profound Housman line: And malt does more than Milton can to justify God's ways to man...

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