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My first memorable experience in Bavaria was a man on a bike in Munich with a teeshirt which said:

Rules Rules Rules

– except that all the words were crossed out.  Not quite an anarchist, I thought, because the words would then more likely have been:

Rulers  Rules  Rule  Rue

– again, all crossed out.  Either way, I took it as a judgement on Mrs M's sanctimonious bossiness.  Of course, Mrs M's writ doesn't run in Bavaria and she's about as welcome as a dust storm at an al fresco wedding.

My second was stumbling across the Bavarian education ministry in a side street.  Being, Germany, however, this had the following grand title:

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung and Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst

... which is  breadth of curricular interest that the English have never quite managed.

There was a nice booklet in the foyer which explained it all in considerable detail.  It was full of pictures showing 50+ children or teachers.  Only one of these children was black with no one with Middle Eastern, West Asian or North African ethnicity.  This contrasts with the streets where the impact of Mrs M's generous "We will manage" policy towards economic migrants is visible for all to see.  No doubt the booklet is being reprinted ... [*]


[*] anyone thinking this is just a German problem really should look at the September Good Housekeeper magazine.

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