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I have long thought that it would be good were NUS to be allowed to operate in schools.  It would, for example, be good for 'student voice', and clearly would encourage schools' interest in sustainability and the SDGs.

I was pleased to see, therefore that NUS is surveying students in years 6 to 11 about their views on sustainability as an extension of its hugely successful work in colleges and universities.  NUS puts it like this:

"Green Schools Project and NUS are working together on a research pilot to better understand the views and experiences of environmental sustainability in their school.  NUS has been carrying out research with students in higher and further education (aged 16 and over) for the past 8 years on the same topic (in relation to their university or college), and through this research we’d like to see how younger students experiences and views on the issue compare, as well as more generally establishing the importance of sustainability to young people in primary and secondary schools.  It is intended that the survey will become a longitudinal study that allows for the tracking of changes in attitudes towards sustainability over time."

The Key topics to be explored include:

  • Demographics (year group, school name, subjects and qualifications (years 12 and 13 or equivalent only)
  • Perceptions of learning about the environment
  • Perceptions of and desire for school action for the environment
  • Concerns about the environment
  • Experience of the environment in their spare time

The logistical challenge in all this should not be underestimated.  Then again, NUS is hugely experienced in such matters and I look forward with more than just passing interest in what emerges.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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