GENIE and Lady Caroline

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Into my unsuspecting mailbox the other day popped the following:

I’m emailing on behalf of my co-chairs about the newly formed Global Ecocentric Network for Implementing Ecodemocracy (GENIE).   In brief, we are seeking to implement representation for non-human nature in various political and administrative processes (principally, via the appointment of human proxies), in order to promote ecojustice – that is, justice for non-human nature, concurrent with social justice for humans – and to halt ecocide.  If this is something you’d like to get involved in, or if you have any questions, please let me know. We would really value your participation.

I've heard about this nonsense before, but it's still hard to know where to begin.  Perhaps with the first word in this: "... principally, via the appointment of human proxies ...".
The co-chairs actually mean solely unless somehow they are going to involve representatives of aardvarks, baboons, crayfish, doves, elephant, fireflies, gannets, etc, etc in this farrago.
I thought not.  They have appointed themselves to this heroic task.
The implication is that there is to be justice for ALL non-human nature, and why not if we're being non-discriminatory.  That is, everything out there no matter how potentially malign.  But if you take that view, it's hard to square it with social justice, as it would mean an end to all anti-malaria programmes, letting the Guinea worm run wild, and HIV/AIDS go unchecked, while cheerleading for the smallpox virus.
Not many votes in that, I'd say.  Not that they're interested in votes.
Still, you have to admire the pure life the co-chairs must lead if they are to avoid charges of hypocrisy.  For example, never using antibiotics, no vaccinations, and presumably never eating leavened bread or yoghurt or drinking beer or wine.  And presumably asking the tree's permission before picking its fruit.
Formidable, you might think.  Or you might recall what Lady Caroline Lamb said of Byron ...

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