A LOVE SONG TO THE EARTH: The McCartney’s in Chorus

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This is a new year guest post from Stephen Martin.  It was sent as a letter to the People's Guardian which inexplicably declined it.  I'm happy to make up for this lack of insight.  Here it is:

In just 15 years Stella McCartney is changing and transforming the way we think about and create a sustainable and ethical fashion industry (McCartney to launch UN Charter for Climate and Sustainable Fashion-Guardian 29 November). It is an impressive achievement from a creative and articulate ambassador for the Planet. Like her father, and his lyrics in a ‘Love Song to the Earth’:

This is an open letter
From you and me together
Tomorrow's in our hands now
Find the words that matter
Say them out loud
And make it better somehow

Looking down from up on the moon
It's a tiny blue marble
Who'd have thought the ground we stand on
Could be so fragile

Her leadership and advocacy has created a real opportunity throughout the industry to support the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); which define the universal global priorities and aspirations for 2030 and  represent an unprecedented opportunity to tackle the root causes of climate change and how our collective consumption impacts on it, eliminate extreme poverty and put the world on a more sustainable path.  We need to build on the McCartney’s powerful message to create a movement for change which embraces the SDGs.

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