Where will your children be tomorrow?

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Will they be in school?  Or will they be protesting about the ecological crisis facing the world and the lack of policy focus on it?   We're told that there will be a growing number of such protests where adding climate change to the national curriculum – and votes at 16 – are also demands.  Theses young people are demanding that government recognise that they have the "biggest take in our future".  A further day of action is planned for March 15th.  The inspiration for all this is Greta Thunberg whom I've written about before who has been predictably attacked by conservatives with questions also raised about some slick PR behind her accidental rise to attention.

The Times quoted Jake Woodier (of the UK Youth Climate Coalition whose website seems unavailable at the moment) saying: "I think this is a reflection of how passionate, articulate and dedicated young people and students in the UK are about climate change."

Indeed it is, and it is really good to see this happening and it gives the lie to the notion that all young people are self-centred, timid, vacuous snowflakes.  I hope they don't wear yellow vests though, as this should not be a protest against government, but a movement to help it (and the rest of us) face up to the future with courage and determination.

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