My generosity to Drax

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I gave just over £10 to the Drax power station last year so that it could burn wood to generate electricity.  So did you – if you pay tax in the UK.  Of course 'gave' is misleading as I wasn't asked and it wasn't voluntary.  It's not quite like being mugged (less traumatic and injurious) but the effect is much the same; I am £10 the poorer.

This was a green subsidy even though the electricity is hardly 'green' as it results in more CO2 being emitted than is saved.  But the green great 'n' good (I think that's the Climate Change Committee) has given it the OK, and so my pocket is picked.  As I type this, Drax and its biomass buddies are generating 5.5% of the UK's electricity (coal is at 3.6%; wind is 6.0%).  The French interconnected is giving (that misleading word again) 5.5%.

I am tempted to say that I don't know why we are giving them any money at all (and to include an ! or two), except that I do.  This is being done to aid Drax to turn from burning coal to something a bit greener, and wood is certainly that, if not exactly emerald bright.

Meanwhile, I hear there's a "hugely exciting" plan to make Drax carbon-negative with a CC&S scheme.  You just have to hope that this will work and a low cost.

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