The Climate at Cheney School

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I see that the petition by the 4 students from Cheney School in Oxford has got to over 71,000 signatures.  What an achievement.

If you were headteacher of that school what would you think?  Would you be rather proud?  Mildly embarrassed?  Rather annoyed?  And how would you react publicly?  Or would you just want to keep quiet ?

I looked at the Cheney school website the other day hoping to find reference to the petition – perhaps on a student achievement page – but I had no luck – and there doesn't seem to be such a page.  I then tried a search for 'climate'; another failure.  Nothing on the extra-curricular activities pages either (a lot of which seemed curricular without the extra).

Mind you, the website is very informative.  There are items on:

– school uniform

– revision support

– reporting absence

– a stand against graffiti

– a diversity mural

– exam planning

... and more

But nothing on the enterprising students or climate.  How odd, some might think.  How typical, others will sigh.  How depressing as this silence sends a clear message.

Ironically enough, the motto of the school is "Think for yourself; act for others" something the four students clearly are doing.  I'm proud of what they did, and I don't even know them.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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