Cuckoo in the nest

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I heard my first cuckoo last weekend – calling over the fields.  Always a welcome event, even though the birds have well-evolved habits that (in humans) would be condemned as anti-social and have ASBOs in place.

I was surprised to read that the information that the RSPB provides about the cuckoo omits the fact that the growing chick (which, of course, is in another bird's nest) turfs out the host bird's own eggs so that it can receive all the attention from its surrogate parents.  But it’s true – you check it out here.  Given that this is a key characteristic of the bird's behaviour, why is it not mentioned?

The usually informative BTO doesn’t mention it either either – at least on its main page.   You have to find an article before discovering this fact.
This seems very odd and I'm still wondering why the info is hidden.  These organisations can't somehow disapprove of the cuckoo can they?   Thoughts on a postcard to the usual address ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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