Sex and gender are all the same to Edexcel

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More from the GCSE barricades.

In this year's exams, Edexcel asked students to identify the gender shown by a diagram of a set of chromosomes, and then explain how gender is inherited from parents.  Except, of course, it isn't.  It's sex that's inherited as this refers to biological differences while gender refers to socially-constructed roles.  A key feminist point is that the former should not dictate the latter.  The Times quoted psychologist Cordelia Fine (and author of Delusions of Gender): “Using the terms interchangeably blurs importantly distinct concepts, and we need both — scientifically and socially."  Indeed we do.

And what did Edfarfromexcelling (owner Pearson) have to say?  “We have consulted our senior examiners and can confirm the word was changed to ‘gender’. . . to support students in understanding the question better.”

What nonsense.  How pathetic.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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