Powerful geographical knowledge

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I've been reading John Huckle's recent paper – that is, his latest re-write of his perennial plea for more critical realism in geography teaching and life more generally.  The latest iteration of the paper will be familiar to those of us who keep an eye on such things as I do in this blog.

His central argument is that we cannot exercise powerful (geographical) knowledge unless critical realism (my Microsoft autocorrect mechanism wants me to write 'racism' but I'm resisting) perspectives are to the fore.

There is, of course, something in this argument, but the pudding is inevitably over-egged, and the game is given away in the final paragraph:

"Ultimately critical geography and powerful knowledge can only flourish, as part of integrated curricula, within a future socialist society with radical education policies."

No hurry then.


Huckle J (2019) Powerful geographical knowledge is critical knowledge underpinned by critical realism. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 28.1 70–84 doi.org/10.1080/10382046.2017.1366203

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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