Five go down a funk hole at the BBC

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For me, the worst part of the BBC's lamentable 'debate' on Tuesday night was not the format (clearly designed for 4 candidates), the moderator's failure to be moderate, impartial or in control, or the poorly-constructed questions.

Rather it was the candidates's craven refusal to tell 15 year old Erin Curtis – a confident schoolgirl in Glasgow and a member of the UKSCN – that her plans to re-engineer the economy by 2025 and plunge us into poverty were misguided.  None of them dared tell her she was right about the zero-net carbon aim, but dreadfully wrong about the timing.

I guess they'd all been told not to trash the youth vote.  What a pity they didn't speak some truth to the new power in the land.

You can read what Erin made of it (not much let me tell you) in the Guardian.  Meanwhile, there's a proposal for her to be made PM instead.

All I feel is despair.

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