An Urgent Plea from the Future

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Last week, I read a message from the Global Center for Human Change – a not-for-profit organisation in New York – about a new resource: An Urgent Plea from the Future: A Guidebook for Conscious World Citizens.

The message began:

"I am writing to introduce you the Global Center for Human Change and an exciting new publication we are launching at colleges and universities around the world in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  While the United Nations has identified our global challenges in the 17 SDGs, our greatest challenge is finding a new level of human response to these challenges.  The Global Center has teamed up with the UN SDGs to introduce the 17 Sustainable Development Goal Alignments – a series of inner human alignments that show an 'essential shift' in the way we think and address challenges, so we can embrace a new future.  You will find more details on this new publication, "An Urgent Plea from the Future", in the attached letter, along with our information on our global project."

The attached letter said that the Center's "aim is to make this book available to every young person around the world".   I thought this rather ambitious, particularly given that it's being sold at £16 per copy.  Not really a sound strategy to reach every young person across the globe.

And so I enquired of the publishers about this seeming contradiction.  I was told that the plan is to seek support from foundations and corporate sponsors so that the materials can be provided to young people around the world for free.   Commendable, perhaps, but it's still ambitious, given the number of young people there actually are.  Maybe they could share.

Meanwhile, to order your minimum order of 20 copies just email: 

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