Meeting UK political leaders today

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Today's post is brief.  It simply reports that representatives of the young people who make up the UK Student Climate Network [ UKSCN ] are to meet the leaders of political parties at Westminster to press their case that young people's concerns about the climate and ecological emergencies we face need to be adequately and urgently addressed.  I have seen the case that they are making and admire its coherence and force.  Their four core demands are here, but the case they will present develops these through an analysis of the difficulties that schools have in addressing climate and ecological issues.

Good luck to them; I hope that they have better fortune than the rest of us have managed over the years.

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  • The last four blogs make encouraging reading for a follower in deepest carbon-territory of Silesia, South Poland who envies the awareness raising that has advanced so much further in the UK as young folks engage with the big issues that will affect their futures. Impact evaluation of conferences and meetings with politicians is usually impossible to arrange but the impact of XR civil disobedience seems significant. I listened to table leaping Rupert Read this morning on the Today Programme holding his own with John Humphreys in defending civil disobedience and accusations of XR sequestering 'hard core anarchists wanting to bring down democracy in the UK'. An academic paper by Read or the rest of us on global-heating or the climate emergency would probably not have given us such a platform. I wonder if we can muster any impact evidence of our own respective geriatric blogging attempts at acting on behalf of the living planet and the prospects for our descendants and the coming generations?