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Character and Climate

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I see that Damian Hinds has launched a call for evidence as he names a character education panel to help schools develop “character and resilience” among pupils.  The education secretary thinks that trying new activities and learning from failure will boost children’s character and resilience, which he says are key to social mobility.

There is an 18-strong character expert panel which includes teachers, charity heads, former government advisors, academics and union leaders.  The panel will help draw up recommendations for Gatsby-style benchmarks for character education to measure performance of schools.

The five areas the DfE has identified for building character are sport, creativity, performing, volunteering and world of work.  All this follows the launch of the DfE’s activity passport, which is a printable document which allows pupils to tick when they have completed 140 activities.  These include climbing trees, baking a cake and sewing.

Very good Mr Hines.

Now, how about setting up an 18-strong Climate Change and Environment expert panel to help schools develop understanding and skills among pupils?

What chance?  Fat chance, I hear you say, as this is not as important as character.  I shall ask my MP.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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