Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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Farewell then Damian Patrick George Hinds.  Sacked yesterday: another Secretary of State for Education who no one will remember in 6 months.  And what about his big idea, the Character Ed expert panel?  Can it survive the carnage, I wonder?

And what of Nick Gibb *, who has survived a few of these purges to remain as No 2 in the DfE.  No word yet on his fate.  Will he continue to tell the world that the English school curriculum is ok and doesn't need changing – or will that fall to any?  Maybe the next incumbent Secretary of State, Gavin Williamson, will take climate and the ecological crises more seriously when it comes to curriculum.  Maybe Melksham Town will win the FA Cup.


Phew!  Nick Gibb's still there which means that no one else will need to learn how to tell folk that the curriculum doesn't need changing to accommodate climate and ecological issues.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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