Greta the musical

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Someone who should, perhaps, have known better persuaded Greta Thunberg to deliver her message (old folks have failed, politicians have failed, the Earth is burning, woe is us, I don't do humour, etc) to a musical background provided by The 1975.  No, I'd not heard of them either, despite distinctly remembering 1975, the difficult year for anyone to live through.

The piece is here.  But it's more of a dirge than catchy tune, and, although it only goes on for 5 minutes, it seemed far longer to me.  I wonder if Greta listened to it herself as she tripped across the Atlantic on a boat that was so low carbon that it had a bucket instead of a toilet.  Not a great model for social progress.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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  • How is this post even remotely helpful, Bill? This one, like your earlier Greta post, reads like finger wagging at teh kidz who aren’t doing it right.