The Eco-Schools coded message to No. 10

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I wrote the other day about how Eco-Schools UK seems to have lost its way given that their work has no focus on the climate issues that are so consuming young people's thoughts and concerns.
Further evidence presented itself when they presented a petition to Downing Street. Their Twitter story was:
"Today we presented our petition to asking for all schools in England to become Eco-Schools and to receive the support they need to achieve Green Flag success  "
Let's be clear about this.  This is not too subtle code for the following:
"Dear Prime Minister, as Keep Britain Untidy has completely failed to persuade schools to sign up to the Eco-Schools scheme, please would you make it compulsory for all schools in England.  We'd also like you to stump up some public subsidy as well as we're a bit short of cash.  Thanks, in anticipation,..."
It was an odd day to choose to be in Downing Street, given the election and all that, but that's what they did.  I searched the Eco-Schools website to find out what the petition actually said, but there's no detail.  Much worse, there's no mention of the petition.  They truly are in the dark up there in Wigan.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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