A platform for the SDGs

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Many of the big London Railway termini have at least 17 platforms.  For example, Waterloo and Victoria each have 19, Liverpool Street has 18 as does Euston, notionally, though 2 are being re-developed for HS2.  Other cities have a large number of platforms as well.  Edinburgh Waverley has 20, for example.

What a good idea then to use these to celebrate each of the sustainable development goals.  Each platform could have information about its goal and targets and real-world information about how meeting the goals would improve people's lives.

Sadly, the Glasgow Central main station only has 15, but the problem is solved if the two low-level platforms are added in.  What a nice way to welcome delegates to COP 26 in December.

Happy New Year, Network Rail.  You can do this, you know ...

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