Sound environmental education from the BBC

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Have you been listening to the BBC's Green Originals series?  These 15 excellent brief (15 minute) programmes started in January and will end next week.

I thought them well researched (as you’d expect) and full of detail.  Who knew that William Golding suggested the name Gaia to James Lovelock for his theory?  Well, I did, actually.  But I didn't know that he did it as they talked in the Wiltshire village where they both lived.

A very positive aspect is the global reach of the programme and the mix of scientists, activists and communicators who are the foci.  The choice of whom to feature is always revealing as bias is often just as much in the selection as in the content, and so who’s (not) in is always a question to ponder.  I confess to not having heard of a couple of the people featured.  But I have now.

The quite proper international focus has meant that the USA is only represented by Rachel Carson, James Hansen & Joni Mitchell.  So, no Muir, Thoreau, Emerson, and no Whitman.  Germany has Petra Kelly but no von Humboldt, who influenced so many.

I hope a lot of people listen to these, given that the BBC will keep them on line for a year, as it really is sound environmental education.

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  • Thanks, Bill, yes, I have learned loads, and we are going to use the Margaret Thatcher example to try and win some Tory support for Teach the Future