Greta's further education: how to pay for the planet

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Commenting on what Greta Thunberg had to say at Davos, the US Treasury Secretary dismissed her with the thought that she really ought to go to college to study some economics.  So here's a non-mainstream suggestion for her.

Economist Ann Pettifor has been discussing the Green New Deal on a Novara Media sound cloud.  I offer this contribution to Greta's further education not because I am persuaded by it (far from it), but because Pettifor is a contributor whose ideas deserve to be thought about and challenged.  For example, she seems to like the idea of government debt providing it's not too large and is spent on good things.  But how large is too large, and who's to judge?  And what's good ...

Sadly, Novara would be offer a better further education for us all were it not an echo chamber of mutual self-regard.  In this podcast Pettifor and her interlocutor seem to agree about everything and there is no challenge to her.  The same actually applies to this Chatham House article which also provides some of her new green deal thinking, and covers some of the ground that Novara does.  See what you think.  I'm hopeful that the new (coming this summer) Times Radio will be the sort of channel to probe such issues.

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