Coronavirus 1 – Extinction Rebellion 0

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I see that coronavirus is having a devastating effect on air travel.  This is not because of the virus clogging up engines, but either because the fear (or sensible apprehension, if you prefer) of the virus is putting people off travelling – or because the places where they want to go are shut.  Even university academics, it seems, are giving up collecting air miles.  In your dreams Extinction Rebellion.

Worse, or better depending on your point of view, the demand-led recession that’s on the way will further reduce economic activity and carbon release.  Another key XR demand; another achievement for the virus.  2-0 perhaps.  The dramatic fall in oil prices will also have implications for the US shale industry which cannot make money (or service debts) at the new prices.  So, even though we might (might!) enjoy a fall in fuel prices in the short-term, overall, this will not do the oil industry much good.  That's 3 – 0, then.

I suppose the question is: as the UK recovers from the virus, will habits have changed for good?  Perhaps we shall have learned to travel less and use more technology.  Perhaps ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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