National Youth Climate Summit

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I'm going to the National Youth Climate Summit today without leaving my desk.  There are obvious carbon and time advantages to having a virtual event, even when it's a necessity because of the Covid-19 lockdown.  It's also a democratising mode (like NT Live) without the usual need and expense to get to London.  I'm an enthusiast.

It is being organised by the Robert Ferguson Primary School in Carlisle, in partnership with Transform our World, the national resource hub for teachers to bring environmental action into the classroom.  The organisers say:

"The National Youth Climate Summit 2020 is an opportunity for your students to hear from an array of inspiring speakers - from leading professionals in the environment sector to young climate activists. The half-day interactive conference will offer a chance for students to dive into our planet’s most pressing climate issues, offering grassroots suggestions on how we avoid ecological collapse and showing them what they can do to help. ...
The programme has been carefully tailored to bring you and your students the latest updates in the industry, guidance on how to get involved in the green transition and an opportunity to share their thoughts in interactive breakout sessions."

Students can view the conference via a live stream on YouTube which will be available on the conference event page.  I'm encouraging my grandchildren to 'be there'.

Here's the conference schedule:

  • 11.45 Zoom conference is open (link below)
  • 12.00 Welcome and introduction from Graham Frost (Headteacher at Robert Ferguson Primary School) and Lucy Mace ( National Schools Programme Manager at Global Action Plan)

Session 1: 

  • 12.10 Speaker 1 - Clover Hogan - From anxiety to agency
  • 12.25 Speaker 2 - Rebecca Willis - What do politicians think about climate change, and how can I influence them?
  • 12.35 Speaker 3 - Alan Rawlinson - Bringing about the global change we need to protect our climate and nature
  • 12.40 Questions for speakers
  • 12.50 Breakout groups: What immediate steps are the young people you know calling for?

Session 2: 

  • 13.00 Speaker 4 - Amy Bray - How to find another way
  • 13.15 Speaker 5 - Mike Downham - Learning how the world works, my story
  • 13.25 Speaker 6 - Nick Gardner - The Great Outdoors
  • 13.35 Questions for speakers
  • 13.45 Breakout groups: What is nature doing for you, and what are you doing for nature?

Session 3: 

  • 14.00 Speaker 7 – Matt Toombs – COP26 & climate change as a priority issue
  • 14.15 Speaker 8 - Naomi Frost - Secondary School Activism
  • 14.25 Speaker 9 - Morgan Phillips - Going back to normal?
  • 14.35 Questions for speakers
  • 14.45 Breakout groups: How are you helping/going to help youth voice to influence real and urgent change?

14.55 Closing statement from Graham Frost


I was going to say "see you there", but my video and audio will be off and I shall refrain from asking any questions, as the event is obviously not really for the likes of me.

I'll have more to say later in the week.

Posted in: News and Updates


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  • Hi Bill, How are you?
    I just saw your post now 23rd April and I was wondering how the event was yesterday? I am an MA student at Plymouth University writing my essays about Education and Sustainability so I think yesterdays summit would have been interesting for me. I am particularly interested in student voice. Any hot tips?
    Wishing you well and thank you!

    • Hi. Another comment today. I understand that a recording of the event will be available soon.