Recycling postcode Catch 22

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It's tough on the recycling front line.  Wiltshire Council, having now re-opened its household recycling centres, has a sensible policy of asking residents to go to them on specific days according to their postcodes.  For example, this week, I am asked to go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  Fair enough, I thought, this might help spread out visits (reducing physical distancing and all that).   The policy was well-publicised.

Sadly, this clashes with an existing policy of only having the centres open for part of the week.  This is to enable a sensible use of human resources and / or to save money.  But it's not clear whether anyone thought to ensure that the two policies cohered.

For example, although I can visit my local centre today (Friday), it's closed.  Worse, it was open on Thursday and will be again on Saturday when I'm not supposed to visit.  The point of having a centre open when local residents are not supposed to visit escapes me, unless it's in anticipation that people will not stick to the guidelines / strictures / regulations / rules / edicts / exhortations / encouragement – whichever they are.

Is this just crossed wires within the Council, or is a keen understanding of human nature at the heart of the its decision-making?  It's a question best not asked.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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