Skyways England

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 Initially, I thought that this was an April Fool from the Department of Transport.  I mean, just who exactly thinks that skywriting adverts in a clear blue sky is a sign of social progress?  Is Chris Grayling back in charge?  Apparently there was a consultation ...
Just because ministers have the power to do something as crass as this is no good reason to actually do it.  What next: an agency with 10 people who earn more than the PM to pre-approve the messages and check the spelling: Skyways England?  Will there be a series of approved fonts do you think?
I despair.  There was I thinking that the government was concentrating on the defeat of COVID-19 when this egregious nonsense emerges.  It's not just common or garden everyday nonsense.  It's that special Department of Transport nonsense, like motorways without a hard shoulder, and overhead signage that prefers giving moral instruction to saying anything remotely useful about traffic.
 I've written to my MP.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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