Orderly pangrams

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Strictly speaking, a pangram  is a sentence that uses all the letters of the alphabet.  One I remember from learning to type is:

"The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog".

This has the great virtue of making sense – sort of.  A perfect pangram would use each letter only once.  These are not common in English.  One such is:

"Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz".

But this looks to me more like a string of nouns than a sentence.  An initial letter pangram is a 26 word story with the initial letters of the words in alphabetical order.  The Times Diary recently ran a lockdown competition about these, though no one really won.  A favourite entry of mine was:

"Adam baked cakes.  Diet evidently forgotten.  Got hungry in Jane's kitchen.  Looking massive now, obesity problem!  Quickly realised should take up vegan wisdom.  Xmas – yummy zucchini".

I worked on this with my grandchildren and they all produced creditable efforts.  My best shot (after a ridiculous amount of time) was this extinction-themed effort:

"Animals beware!  Carnotaurus!  Diplodocus!  Extinction fears grow higher.  I just know lions might never outwit poachers. Questing respectfully, surely those urbane vets will x-ray your zebra."

In the end, I thought that writing reverse initial letter pangram might be easier.  Here's my best attempt:

"Zoologists!  Your x-rays were very useful to students.  Routine questions permitted, once normally meeting locally.  Kindly just inform house guests following every day contact beginning again".


Enough, already!  I'm turning to haiku – much less trouble, although even harder to create something effective.  My first shot (virus themed) will appear next week.


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