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750,000,000 – the annual investment (in US$) in wind and solar capacity thought to be needed to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees

264,000,000 – the amount in US$ that the EU claims it will spend on climate measures as part of a Covid recovery plan

4,000,000 – the number of people killed each year from the burning of fossil fuels; mostly in developing economies

1928 – the date that ExxonMobil first entered the Dow Jones Index; it fell out this month

72 – the % of solar modules produced by Chinese firms

69 – the % of lithium ion batteries produced by Chinese firms

45 – the % of wind turbines produced by Chinese firms

40 – the price of oil in US$.  Saudi Arabia needs a price of ~75 US$ even to break even

– the % of the world's energy currently produced by solar and wind.

These are taken from a Leader in The Economist of September 17th.  The edition has a special feature on the future of energy and the end (?) of the oil age.  The last and first numbers are linked.  If the 5% has to have a chance of reaching 50% by, say, 2050, $750bn is the sort of level of spending that will be needed.  Currently, it is only a third of this.

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